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Goodlife Chiropractic is located in the Melbourne CBD. It is a wellness practice and Michael Melling-Wiliams DC is the principle chiropractor.


What is Chiropractic?


Chiropractic care aims to restore and preserve the state of your health in a natural and drug free way, helping you to manage pain as well as achieving optimum well being.

Your body is a self regulating and self healing being. With the basis of chiropractic being on the spine, nervous system and how these affect the entire body, chiropractic merely boosts your own inherent ability to be healthy.

When your body is balanced it is designed to resist disease and illness. As chiropractors we find interferences to your nervous system and eliminate or reduce them to restore your natural, healthy state.

The spinal column is made up of 24 moveable bones (or vertebrae) and it is common for these to interfere with the nervous system, particularly when movement in them becomes impaired or if they slightly re-position themselves, say, due to injury or excessive activity. This can irritate or weaken the functioning of the nervous system.

Through specific attention to the spine, skull and pelvis, we will make chiropractic adjustments to help remove any interference to the nervous system and improve its function, restoring your health and well being.

These Chiropractic adjustments empower the body to develop new conscious and unconscious strategies to promote spinal alignment, prevent illness and sustain wellness. These gentle contacts of the spine help alter the vibrational tone (tension) of the spinal cord and surrounding structures to allow for greater feelings of wellbeing, increased muscle relaxation, improved joint flexibility and improved mental outlook.

Chiropractors have undergone rigorous, and comprehensive education. It is a five year full time degree to become a Chiropractor. To graduate, Chiropractors much prove extensive knowledge of and be able to assess anatomy, physiology and neurology. In fact, qualified chiropractors are the only health professionals who study the neuromuscular system for five years full time at university. Chiropractors are also government registered and government regulated health professionals.

Chiropractors must also keep abreast of new information, developments and scientific research in our industry as they occur. Ongoing professional development is a requirement for Chiropractic registration.

Remember, this information is a guide and it is recommended you book an appointment with a Chiropractic Health practitioner so we can thoroughly assess you and discuss your individual treatment options.